What Cliche’ Noe means to us: Cliche’ is Familiar, yet Fresh. The word is used in industrial design, printing, and in French it means wink or photo. People say lots of things about our brand, but the truth is we wanted to take gifting to a new level. Noe is our home! So Cliche’ Noe works to bring attention to our bigger brand: Noe Valley. Our business strategy is to Be Insanely Kind, and we are. If we don’t have it we will find it for you! Are you an artist or author? We can do a social event around you! Lost? Call us and we’ll tell you how to get back on track. Our products? We stand behind everything we sell. Everything.

Cliche’ Noe Gifts + Home mission statement is to provide a high level of service with quality brands in a shopping experience that is unique and memorable. We promise consistency in our inventory while keeping the customer interested with the variety and ‘trends’ that are part of our collective cultural experience.

Thank you for spending time with us!

Cliche’ Noe Gifts + Home is pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with local non-profit organization, SFMADE, to create a permanent, dedicated SFMADE branded “pop-up” section within in their store. The first SFMADE brands to be featured are Rickshaw Bags, Spicer Bags, Bert’s Bites, Charles Chocolates, Henry’s Coffee House, Heliotrope, elizabetW and Jamnation. This partnership with Cliché Noe Gifts + Home is the first one of its kind to offer a permanent shopping destination with a rotating selection of SFMADE brands and hopes to serve as a model for other neighborhoods. The unique partnership offers SFMADE brands a new market opportunity as well as providing both residents and visitors, the opportunity to find high quality locally made products, all in one place. Click here to Read our July 29, 2017 SFMADE Press Release.


Dani Sheehan-Meyer