It’s time to say goodbye…

The truth is we are heart broken… Fred and I want to thank you for your support over the last six years. We tried everything! We had events; we supported our community, locally, the Noe Valley Merchants and Professionals Association. I served on the board of directors of the San Francisco Council District Merchant Association and through the Mayor’s office we helped launch the Shop Dine 49 campaign, even nationally with Small Business Saturday, as well as many local non-profits and the wonderful Noe Valley Chamber Music. We even had an art gallery pop-up for a year! Then came SFMade partnership, which was a huge success over the holidays! We truly tried to reflect the needs of our customers with our goods and services. 

But the reality is there is just not enough revenue. Retail is being hammered by online shopping and what can we do?  I think of all the family run businesses who, maybe in the past, bought homes and put there children through good schools, and most of all these retailers gave other people jobs. I admire your courage very much.  

 I want to thank our brilliant staff, especially Sarah, Janelle and Star who are all moving on to be the successful young women they are meant to be. I want to thank my husband Fred who gave me my dream. How cool was that?

It’s going to be okay as we have plans to make the space available to rent. Anyone interested? See you around the neighborhood and God Bless. 

 Dani & Fred & Staff, December 26th 2017