Bay Area Cocktails Author Book Signing! – Updated Event Date!

Bay Area Cocktails - Meet The Author

Updated Event Date!

Bay Area Cocktails! Friday, September 8th 2017 4-6pm at Cliche’ Noe 4175 24th Street, SF, CA 94114

An American invention, the cocktail fluctuated in popularity following Prohibition and had firmly taken root in the culinary landscape by the 1990s. The Bay Area played a significant role in reviving it—as much as New York and London. From the distillers who pioneered craft spirits and Alice Waters’ revolutionary take on simple, fresh food at Chez Panisse to the bartenders who cared enough to grow a dedicated cocktail community, this is the story of how the Bay Area shaped the art of elevated drinking in America. Through oral history interviews and recipes, author Shanna Farrell chronicles the narrative history of the modern cocktail renaissance.

Pub Date 9.11.17


SHANNA FARRELL is an oral historian with the Oral History Center at the University of California, Berkeley. She worked in the service for over a decade in college and while earning Masters Degrees from both New York University and Columbia University. She co-hosts

the Prix Fixe, a podcast about the intersection of food and drink. She lives in San Francisco, CA.